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(October 2020)  Help protect your kids & adults too with flu vaccine. FluMist is available and in-stock ready to help you and your kiddos fight the flu!

This Year It Is More Important
Than Ever to Get Your Flu Shot!

(September 2020)  Hear what our Director of Clinical Pharmacy has to share with this year's flu shot immunization process.                                           > > >

Everyone is at risk this flu season - take steps to protect yourself & those around you!

(July 2020)  Depending on the year, receiving a flu vaccination will reduce the risk of getting the flu by 40% to 60%. Chief of pediatric infectious disease at University of Utah and Primary Children’s Hospital, Dr. Andrew Pavia said it best, “Getting a flu shot is a lot like wearing a seat belt.” It is a known preventative measure that can save your life or at least reduce the severity if you get sick.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic it will be crucial for everyone 6 months and older to get a flu shot.
The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated there were 410,000 to 740,000 hospitalizations for last year’s flu season alone. To date, there have been over 249,000 Covid-19 hospitalizations with many hospitals reaching capacity and running low on supplies during peak outbreaks. Just imagine if we had a
flu outbreak on top of these numbers. It will be even more important for people to get a flu shot to prevent flu-related medical visits & hospitalizations to reduce the burden on the healthcare system and conserve resources.


Experts are also anticipating an increased desire for people to receive their flu shot this year. Fortunately, flu vaccine manufacturers and our pharmacies are preparing for the increased demand. All flu vaccine manufacturers are increasing their production by about 10 to 20% to ensure there will be enough vaccines to meet this year’s demand. Our pharmacies are currently working to plan more flu clinics and develop strategies to vaccinate as many people as possible while following the CDC’s recommendations for prevention of Covid-19 transmission (e.g., handwashing, mask wearing, social distancing).

Flu Facts vs Flu Myths

I could get the flu from the

flu shot.

The flu vaccination will not give you the flu. The vaccines are made from ‘inactivated’ (killed) flu viruses. Some people experience a fever or body aches for a few days after receiving the vaccine, but this is not the flu. These side effects are a normal reaction and a result from your body creating an immune response to the vaccine.

It doesn't work. I’ve gotten one in the past and
I still got the flu.

There are multiple strains of flu viruses that circulate every year. Researchers predict and develop vaccines based on the most common circulating strains from the previous year. While the flu vaccine is not able to protect against all the strains, but will reduce the risk of getting the flu and should also lessen the severity if you do get sick.Additionally, the timing of the vaccine matters.The flu vaccine takes 2 weeks to build up and become completely effective.So, if you got sick a few days after getting the vaccine, you were likely already infected before being vaccinated.

I got my flu shot last year; I don’t need to get another one this year.

The body’s immune response gradually decreases over time, so it is important to get a flu shot every year during the recommended time frame to ensure the best possible protection. It takes two weeks to build enough antibodies to prevent the flu, so October is typically the best time to get vaccinated to have the best protection during the full flu season. The CDC recommends that everyone receives a vaccine by the end of October but it’s never to late.Flu season often spikes in Iowa in Feb-April.Talk to your pharmacist about the best time to get vaccinated.

I don’t need to get the flu shot because I have never had the
flu before.

Many healthy people can be infected with the flu virus and spread it to others by coughing, sneezing, talking, or from surfaces they have touched even if they are not showing any symptoms. There are also certain populations such as newborns, immunocompromised,
cancer patients that are unable to receive vaccinations or are unable to develop an adequate response to the vaccine, so it is even more important for healthy individuals to be vaccinated to prevent spreading it to those most at risk of severe illness.

Thank You Central Iowans!

Nearly 80,000 meals donated to the Food Bank of Iowa
(Des Moines, IA, 2019)  Medicap Pharmacy is proud to announce their recent flu shot campaign success. This fall, they were able to provide 79,992 meals to the Food Bank of Iowa, with the donations staying right in the local community! This is the third year for the partnership and it has grown every year. “Medicap’s flu shot campaign was an excellent way to support hunger-fighting efforts in the communities they serve,” said Michelle Book, President and CEO of Food Bank of Iowa. “At the same time, these flu shots help to protect our society’s most vulnerable, including many food insecure Iowans, from illness."


Medicap Pharmacy believes it is important to be involved in the community and this was an excellent way to help local residents in the same communities their pharmacies are located. Through the partnership with the Food Bank of Iowa, Medicap Pharmacy donated 12 meals locally for every flu shot given. The 20 participating Central Iowa locations raised a total of $20,000, which ­will provide 79,992 meals over the 11 Iowa counties. Visit www.MyMedicapPharmacy.com for more information and the location pages to see the breakdown of donation by the Iowa counties.

WEST DES MOINES - President of GRX Holdings (Medicap) Greg Johansen donates $20,000 to Food Bank of Iowa's President & CEO Michelle Book.

"We are thrilled that 6,666 Central Iowans chose Medicap Pharmacy as their choice for their flu shot. With their help, we were able to donate to the local food pantry right in their own county!” says Cheri Schmit, R.Ph., Clinical Director at Medicap Pharmacy. Although this campaign is over, it’s not too late to get your flu shot and protect yourself and loved ones from the flu. Visit www.IowaFluShots.com for a location near you!


GRX Holdings, LLC is located in West Des Moines, IA and is the single overall owner of 21 Medicap Pharmacy locations in the central Iowa area and Wright Pharmacy in Stuart, Iowa. Medicap Pharmacy is distinguished for its commitment to providing expert, personalized health care. In addition to filling prescriptions, GRX Medicap Pharmacy locations specialize in administering immunizations, health screenings and diabetes education.

Our Flu Shots help feed those in need!

Do Good for You & Your Community!
(October 2019)  It's important to get a flu shot every year
to protect yourself and those around you. This year, get
your flu shot at participating Medicap Pharmacy locations
and you will help protect yourself from the flu AND help feed
those in need right in your own community!

Now thru November 23, 2019, for every flu shot given at
Medicap, we will donate 12 meals to your local food pantry
through our partnership with the Food Bank of Iowa!

Medicap Pharmacy offers walk-in vaccinations for ages
6 and up and for those as young as 6 months of age,
if insurance allows. Our trained pharmacists can help
pick the best vaccine for you! We offer Quad & High-Dose vaccines. Most insurance plans cover the vaccine.

We know the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu is by being vaccinated. It's important to remember that infants cannot get the influenza vaccine until they are 6 months old so it is very crucial for family family members to get vaccinated to protect them! Children age 6 months to 4 years and persons 65+ are among the most vulnerable to the flu.

Don't wait! Come to Medicap Pharmacy today to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu AND help feed those in need right in your own community!

Medicap Pharmacy LIVE on CW Iowa

WEST DES MOINES - Director of Clinical Pharmacy joins Jackie & Lou from CW Iowa to discuss the importance of a flu shot AND why Medicap's flu shots help to feed those in need.

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Wait to Vaccinate!

You can get your flu shot too early!
(September 2019) New data shows that timing does matter -

you can get your flu shot too early! Flu vaccine starts to decline

within weeks, so it's even more important to get your flu shot later

in the season.

PLUS- from September 23 thru November 23, participating

Medicap Pharmacy locations will donate 12 meals to the local

food pantry through their partnership with the Food Bank of Iowa.

Come to participating Medicap locations this fall for your flu shot and together, we can help feed hungry Iowans!

Don't let the Flu call the shots!

Timing of your annual flu vaccine DOES matter!
(August 2019) You may be seeing ads to entice you to "beat the crowds and come get a flu shot" in August. Truth is- this is NOT the optimal time to get your annual flu shot!

In order to protect yourself during peak flu season, you should wait to get your flu shot. The vaccine effectiveness decreases every 28 days, so getting the flu shot too early (ex. August) in the season can leave you unprotected later when flu season hits.

Don't be fooled by the flu - make sure you get the right flu shot, at the right time for the right protection!

Nearly 80,000 meals donated to the Food Bank of Iowa
(Des Moines, IA, 2018)  Medicap Pharmacy and customers who chose to receive their flu shot at participating Medicap locations, provided 79,800 meals to the Food Bank of Iowa, with the donations staying right in the local community, serving the local food pantries! #CommunityPharmacy

Timing does matter!

Don't be fooled by the flu!
(August 2018) You can get a flu shot too early. It's important to get a flu shot every year to protect yourself and those around you and timing is important too!

According to the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the optimal time for flu vaccination is by the end of October. Some data indicates that early vaccination (ex. July & August) may be too early, because flu season peaks later in the year.


You only get one shot per flu season, so make it the right time to give you the right protection!

Medicap Pharmacy Donated over $15,000 to Food Bank of Iowa
(Des Moines, IA, 2017) Medicap Pharmacy is extremely proud of their Flu Shot campaign for the 2017 Flu Season. They were able to provide over 61,100 meals to the Food Bank of Iowa, with the donation staying right in the local community.

 Who Needs A Flu Shot? YOU! 


Are more likely to get the flu virus
and have serious flu-related complications. There are many different flu  vaccines available. Talk to your Medicap Pharmacist for information on the different available formulations and help picking the one to best meet your needs. 

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Are more likely to have flu-related complications. CDC recommends all children 6 months and up receive a flu vaccination. Medicap Pharmacy offers walk-in flu shots without a prescription for ages 6 & up and for those as young as 6 months of age, if insurance allows. 

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Who needs the flu shot? Yes, You! Even healthy people can get the flu or be a carrier to spread it to others. Flu vaccination not only protects the person receiving it, but also prevents spreading it to others. Protect yourself and the ones you love by getting your flu shot!

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