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Flu Facts vs Flu Myths

I could get the flu from the

flu shot.

The flu vaccination will not give you the flu. The vaccines are made from ‘inactivated’ (killed) flu viruses. Some people experience a fever or body aches for a few days after receiving the vaccine, but this is not the flu. These side effects are a normal reaction and a result from your body creating an immune response to the vaccine.

It doesn't work. I’ve gotten one in the past and
I still got the flu.

There are multiple strains of flu viruses that circulate every year. Researchers predict and develop vaccines based on the most common circulating strains from the previous year. While the flu vaccine is not able to protect against all the strains, but will reduce the risk of getting the flu and should also lessen the severity if you do get sick.Additionally, the timing of the vaccine matters.The flu vaccine takes 2 weeks to build up and become completely effective.So, if you got sick a few days after getting the vaccine, you were likely already infected before being vaccinated.

I got my flu shot last year; I don’t need to get another one this year.

The body’s immune response gradually decreases over time, so it is important to get a flu shot every year during the recommended time frame to ensure the best possible protection. It takes two weeks to build enough antibodies to prevent the flu, so October is typically the best time to get vaccinated to have the best protection during the full flu season. The CDC recommends that everyone receives a vaccine by the end of October but it’s never to late.Flu season often spikes in Iowa in Feb-April.Talk to your pharmacist about the best time to get vaccinated.

I don’t need to get the flu shot because I have never had the
flu before.

Many healthy people can be infected with the flu virus and spread it to others by coughing, sneezing, talking, or from surfaces they have touched even if they are not showing any symptoms. There are also certain populations such as newborns, immunocompromised,
cancer patients that are unable to receive vaccinations or are unable to develop an adequate response to the vaccine, so it is even more important for healthy individuals to be vaccinated to prevent spreading it to those most at risk of severe illness.

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Older couple hugging and smiling

Are more likely to get the flu virus and have serious flu-related complications. There are many different flu  vaccines available. Talk to your Medicap Pharmacist for information on the different available formulations and help picking the one to best meet your needs. 

Are more likely to have flu-related complications. CDC recommends all children 6 months and up receive a flu vaccination. Medicap Pharmacy offers walk-in flu shots without a prescription for ages 6 & up and for those as young as 6 months of age, if insurance allows. 

Who needs the flu shot? Yes, You! Even healthy people can get the flu or be a carrier to spread it to others. Flu vaccination not only protects the person receiving it, but also prevents spreading it to others. Protect yourself and the ones you love by getting your flu shot!

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